Audio Adventures

I'm curious -
Am I part of an extremely small community who still listens to 
"Audio Adventures" ? 

Or are there more like me ?

Maybe I'm just telling my age, but TV got into our home
when I was maybe 8 or 10 years old.
I never listened to"Radio Shows" at all until perhaps within
the past 10 years, however.

Back in the "good old days", radio was the entertainment of the day.
I won't go into nostalgic lists of what people listened to except
to mention a few I particularly like pulling up from "Old Time Radio"...
But first, to mention one of a number of places to listen to old time
radio shows, check out which archives ALL
kinds of media !

Sherlock Holmes

The Campbell Playhouse Classics
- Orson Welles hosted this program, as well as others, with classics
like The Count of Monte Cristo and others

If you watched Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons, you may have noticed
the radio-show like quality, replete with an announcer throughout
most parts of the program. It should come as no surprise that these
episodes were presumably written perhaps more as radio-scripts than
as a visual script, and cheesy animation or not, was a great watch
because the dialog was so much fun to listen to.

Today we have "Audio Dramatizations" of all sorts, and BBC in my book has maintained the best efforts of major broadcast companies to continue efforts in *quality* audio dramatizations.

The BBC has amazing dramatizations of The Lord Of The Ring, and
while it is a 13 part/13 HOUR series... you would be amazed at
how quickly this goes by if you are like me and like to be put
to bed, eyes *resting*, while listening to this an episode at
a time.

Other works by the BBC I've had great pleasure listening to include:
The Hobbit
Peter Pan
Rendezvous With Rama
Alice In Wonderland
Chronicles of Narnia
The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe
... and many others

My Interests...  YOUR Interests ?
I am a highly "sensory" individual and while the majority
of my easily searchable works are "visually intensive", it
is perhaps one of those "supply and demand" things, but
if one "reads between the lines" it is not that difficult to
see a lot of my interest lies also in AUDIBLE works.

I will delve into my "Visual Crafts" interests in another blog,
but as this blog focuses on Audio Adventures, more of an
introduction in fact, I would like to mention one of the
more in-demand professions in the audio market available
to just about anyone with a voice... Voice Talent.

Voice Talent is in demand for animations and other visual works
as well.

What I would personally like to know of, and will research a bit,
are whether there are many gigs for vocal talent in audio-only works ?

I would very much like to hear back, esp in the Pasadena, CA area
(near where I am) as I would like to delve into this a bit. :)

Another area of interest to me is in Sound Effets/Foley works.

I am a composer and sound designer, among other things, in the audio
world but primarily for use in video works and music thus far.

Any information in the world of Audio Adventures is very welcome indeed!

Happy Listening ;)

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