Welcome To The World Of MikolaVision !!

Welcome To My Blog !

My hope is to encourage exploration
in uplifting and positive ways, to share
the path of "thinking sideways", to throw
away not just "the box" which everyone seems
to wish to think "out of" but in fact.. to demolish
boundaries from which such boxes are made
wherever possible, along our journey together.

Stand by to have fun :)
The rest is just philosophy.

The Fun:

* People, Places, Things, Technologies,....
* Science, Wonders, Miracles, Magic....
* The Music, The Harmony, The Synchronicity...

The Philosophy:

Shakespeare wrote ".. All The World Is A Stage..."

It is highly worthy of adopting as a way of life as a
philosophy, if you consider, and believe, that the world
judges us by what it sees, hears, believes...

Therefore, we are to the world around us, whether individuals,
groups,institutions.. what they perceive us to be... nothing more,
nothing less.

You are, as well, what you make yourself to be, and to another
extent, what you believe you are. Use whatever you have within
yourself to be greater than what even you believe you are, throw
away the boxes, burn the prototypes society demands of you and
simply "know".. and you can excel beyond whatever "pool" you
may believe you are stuck in.

Courage, lastly, is required...

Rules for enjoyment of life to it's fullest therefore require:

* Letting Go..
* No Holding On To...
* No Expectations....
* Stepping Out...
* Exterting Effort...
* Blending In...
* Remaining An Individual...
* Being Mobile...

I hope you enjoy the dance.

~ Mikola

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